Larger capacity security

Any plans for larger security checkpoints? The large ones process way to few passengers, and many passengers dont make their flights because they stand in line for sec.


Very good idea! Meanwhile, try adding multiple checkpoints.

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i have resorted to a mix of large and small security checkpoints utilizing the space as much as possible to increase the flow.

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I wouldn’t say no to Large Security Check with 12 x 8 size (current medium is 8 x 8) but it will have 2 rows of bag scanner and body scanner in it with 6 security workers. The queue of security check will be common and PAX will use one of 2 scanners in it.

@Jettuh did you imagine what I imagine? :wink:

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I have 5 large checkpoints, but people tend to stand in line for just one of them, while 4 others are free. All checkpoints have enough workers / security.

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In all honesty, the eventual goal should be one of security throughput design, not dropping an object. Much like the baggage design system. Belt rollers, lanes, size of the passenger scanner, manual search areas, etc… it would also have the ability to adjust staffing for cost control. If we want a lame, understaffed, under thought-out security design that’s always making passengers arrive late to the terminal, that should be our chioice with consequences. Then the airlines can get frustrated about the fact that their pax didn’t clear security in a timely fashion. It should have natural consequences. There also should be skill levels of the security personnel… Are the scanner readers really bad at their job, which in turn creates back logs for an understaffed manual check area that also seems to continually need more space and more redesign to deal with the overflow that’s getting bad since we went cheap on security? Hiring good people at a high skill level should come at a price… and a reward.


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