Large Remote Stands start boarding too late

I have several Large Remote Stands with 2 shuttle buses assigned each, they have one deboarding bus stop and one boarding bus stop each. The 2 buses deboard but meanwhile, none of the buses I have sitting in my depot care to start boarding. How can I set it up to board/deboard at the same time? (One of the buses assigned to the stand starts boarding as soon as they’ve finished deboarding, however the plane is late by then)

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For large stands you should have two bus stops for boarding. This allows both busses to do the boarding at the same time.

Boarding is always a bit after the deboarding. Also boarding cannot start when cabin cleaning is not finished. And cabin cleaning cannot get finished when the deboarding is still running. :slight_smile:

If the 2nd boarding bus stop doesn’t help, can you post some screenshots of your stands and the bus stops?

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This is why I get frustrated at the challenge of remote stands. They tend to be slower and take more infrastructure to operate than a standard gate. I am not sure they are always worth the investment.

They sure do but the benefit is that you can squeeze them in on areas which are not accessible for terminal structures, i.e. if you have a very established airport tarmac design it might not be suitable to expand a terminal whereas remote ones on the ground require less construction. On the flip side though they are indeed less efficient at operating.

I do suspect there is a minor glitch or two with remote boarding, a few observations I’ve found in larger airports were a few services delays seem to derail the turnaround timings/triggers…

  1. Boarding busses will dispatch to stand correctly for deboarding, if you use a dedicated arrivals bus stop, they will then drop off the passengers at the bus stop, then return to their assigned parking location (or near to it) before driving to the boarding bus stop. Previously, didn’t they used to just go direct to the boarding location and start boarding asap or wait until the correct start of boarding time? avoiding the random diversion in between which risks delays?
  2. If boarding starts slightly late, or if passengers are delayed at check-in or security, should the bus be forced to leave (close boarding) and drive to the stand? I think previously in ACEO there was a cut off time, regardless of “Delay” or “Send anyway” switch, so that the bus so long as a certain percentage were on the bus, it would leave the gate automatically so as not to delay the flight? This was investigated previously and fixed, but it seems to be back as a glitch.

Both can cause real problems on remote stands and were not present in previous versions (I’ve not played ACEO for some time until recently).

A combination of the busses taking unusual routes between deboarding and boarding, plus the lack of a cut-off trigger for boarding could be behind the issues you’re experiencing, it’s what i’ve noticed in all my large airports verses previous versions of the game from back when the busses issue was rectified :slight_smile: These issues seem to occur more when the flight is slightly delayed, it seems to then throw the turnaround timeline out of sync maybe and the triggers are out of step?

I would like that the game allocates a new bus for boarding, if any free buses. Not sure if it’s practical or doable.

For me, this is already the case. Medium planes always deploy a different bus. Large sometimes use one bus from deboarding and one new.

As addition, in my cases de arrival busses are finished with the drop off way earlier as the departure bus needs to be at the bus gate. In that case, the bus drives back to the parking lot and the departure process selecteds a bus closer to the bus gate.

At the large stands, the same is the case for the first bus. The 2nd bus which has to wait for the drop off is usually the one which takes the job as 2nd departure bus.


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