Large items/ improved items

This post is for if you have any ideas about improving items like security, desks, and so on to make them larger for large aircraft and or improvements to them.

My idea is for security checkpoint:

  1. it will be 2 times faster than the medium checkpoint and 1 1/2 times bigger
  2. it will have 2 of the belt systems, 1 on each side
  3. 2 of the advanced scanners, and 1 normal metal detector (for people)
  4. on the 2 baggage belts, if an item is flaged it will go to a side belt to be hand inspected by security and then after the item is removed it will be given back to the owner
  5. stats on the security will aply

Please tell me what you think of my idea!

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Iā€™d like to see security entrance have an option, or upgrade, to the newer tray system where 5 people can unload their stuff onto a trays at the same time.

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ya like at real airports were its not one at a time

mebey we could get extended tray belts. the ones with the manual push

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oh ya that would be nice

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