Large Airport Baggage Systems

Hi guys so i have been playing for a while and this final experimental version is bug free and smooth and works like a dream, however im having some issue with getting multiple airlines at the same time and the bag system, say for example i have 13 flights landing and using gates i only have one conveyor belt system leading to a baggage claim area,

How have you guys successfully got more than one conveyor belt in the baggae claim area to work ive tried tilt tables but did not seem to work correctly when a direction was chosen and bags piled up, also your location do you purposely build it inside the secure area upon passenger arrival or do you build it quite far away allowing the bags time to arrive, i know it sounds daft but im a little stuck with just one large or one small conveyor so need some help thanks in advance

How did you set up your tilt trays? It’s also not the final experimental version but just the lastest one.

Appologies i meant the latest model not final, so with the tilt trays ive been using a standard conveyor from the bags coming in and i set them up to split off into 3 different directions ( this is then my 3 conveyors for collecting inside the baggage claim, when i click on the tilt trays i set them to which direction i wish them to go however sometimes they seem to get stuck and pile up untill i change the direction to the setting ( to direction ) , i tried it once with the fast conveyors but found that made it even worse which is a shame as i would love to get them their quicker to the passengers.

Can you post a screenshot of your set up?

I always use one set ups to direction and have about 3 pick up belts. I usually have my collections out of secure zone ( I know this does seem right based on UK airports but is fine until customs and immigration are introduced)

Sorry to be a grammar predant above but don’t want people to think it’s the end of experimental branch

Now there’s something you don’t hear every day! Glad it works out for you! :smiley:

I agree with Stu, a screen of your current setup would help us with giving tips I think.


It’s probably also worth stating that the game isn’t yet set up to allow baggage claim within the secure area, since passengers will automatically leave it when they arrive :slight_smile:

What if you go with 3 / 4 stands per baggage bay?

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