Landing and arrival annoucements

Has the control tower been given an AI or on the list? If not, please use my idea :slight_smile: Watching video #3, I was wondering if we would hear the control tower say, “cleared for takeoff.” Would it also let a airline to hold on at the runway due to incoming traffic?

Also, would the control tower tell planes to await landing authorization (if our airport is that busy)?

Thank you!

P.S. Fredrik and Olof the game certainly looks fantastic. Been watching since Devlog #1, since you guys put the concept out. From that point to the recent devlog- AirportCeo looks like a special game. You guys are talented and the way you ask for assistance as well as listen to the community and ask for ideas all the while I’m sure you’ve gotten 1,000,000 asks about when this game will be released; you guys are still calm :slight_smile: hehe Love your interaction with the community! I find that I’m watching the 3 videos everyday! Bravo!!!


Good idea, but the ATC sounds are already discussed in the topics linked below! :smiley:

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Didn’t see it. Probably because the network that I was on was too saturated. It would make the airport more life-like. Zooming in indeed. If we zoom in close to the runway, that would be awesome to hear the Control tower “talking” to the planes leaving as well as arriving. Arriving, maybe hover close to the runaway and you could here the chatter such as," flight 487 you are cleared for landing on runway 4 or making it easier on Fredrik and Olof :wink: it will just say the flight and runway (no number runway) although I think they would tackle the challenge and win :slight_smile:

That would be awesome too; announcements for boarding zooming in close to the gate which is about to allow boarding :slight_smile:

If I had to make a list, the #1 thing I would love to see/hear is the control tower “talking” to the arriving and departing planes. That would make a good multiplayer aspect of the game in the future :slight_smile:


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