Keeping Airline contact

So it seems like every time a flight takes off and the contact is over I do not see the flight in flight planner anymore does that mean I failed the contract or what do I have to do to permanently keep flights .

They are very short contracts… IMO its something I’d like to see changed. I’d like to have longer periods of airline contracts. that way you would have to balance getting lots of small flights vs Bigger Aircraft more lucrative flights in.

If you check the contract description, it says there are 1 time flights. You need to keep signing contracts to keep them coming. I think it’ll change in the future but for now, let’s test the game as it is now. They’ll keep adding content so it may come sometime in the future.

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Just so you know, the devs have said that this is one of the next things to be overhauled once they’ve squashed most of the bugs. During testing, many of the testers brought this up, especially when the airports got larger :slight_smile:

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