Hello. I wanted to build an airport in the city of Kaliningrad. When choosing a city, I notice that it belongs to Poland, and not to Russia. Why is it Polish?

This will be an error in the mapping software and airport data used. The data used isn’t perfect but a fix will hopefully arrive at some point!

That’s actually quite serious. With so many disputed territories, they better add some kind of a disclaimer about the map.

I personally hate these disclaimers; the people should all behave like grown-ups. However, I fear they could be necessary, yes.

The underlying issue is that only a selection of cities is available.

E.g. if you click on the middle of Greenland, Reykjavik is selected (more than 1000 km away), and if you zoom in and click directly on Kristiansand airport KRS, you end up with Stavanger, 250 km away. Kaliningrad is not available in the city list.


It’s not about how you behave.
There would be more directions of domestic, not Polish.

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