Issue with staff getting to terminal

Hi guys,

I was making an Airport when I went to hire security for my checkpoints the spawned came from the bus into a little area between the road and terminal I have a road crossing but it doesn’t work and the checkpoint has a cant find route icon on the checkpoint why?

Please help me!

Captain Sam

What does your zoning look like? Is it security staffers you’ve hired who are complaining?

next to security you see that wall?

Outside that wall (including staff room) is all secure

i will get a screenshot with zones hold on

yes its all people

Hmm, this is very strange. From what I see there really shouldn’t be any issues, also these systems are quite old and reliable so… strange.

Can you provide a day screenshot of this area, more zoomed in?

sure ill get it now

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where do you want me to zoom on

On the area I cropped out in my previous pic! :slight_smile:

oh lol

so do you want a sccreenshot or not

To be 100% clear I want you to zoom in and only screen shot, during the day with day light, the area I’ve marked on your original screenshot:

Okay, I think I can make it out now, my guess is that you’ve placed out concrete tiles around the entire parking area and not sidewalk. Persons cannot walk on concrete tiles, so demolish those and replace them with sidewalk and everything should be working!


oh ok that fixed itbut i used to be able to do this why not now?
New update?

Maybe… idk tbh, maybe a less tolerant (better) path finder? Maybe @Fredrik has made them unwalkable.

This was a funny thread :smiley:

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It was indeed!

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