Issue running the game with multiple monitors [solved]

Screenshot 2021-06-30 090113

When I start the game in steam this pops up closes and the game doesnt start. I have tried re-installing the game I have also restated my PC several times, the checking or scanning of the game files did not do anything. I am sorry for my bad English.


What are your system specifications?
Also is it Win10 or Win11?

I have an core I 5, 24gb ram and an gtx 1060 and win10

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do you have multiple monitors and those not set up in one line?
i had this when i moved my tablet screen to the bottom of the 2 main screens in windows settings

yes i have two monitors im going to try it with only one
update: that worked im gonna look into that thanks

they must be in one line, else UNITY leads to an error… well that was my case

What exactly solved your issue?

unplugging my second monitor and then putting it back in

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All right, that’s super weird but great that you got it working. Did you unplug it while the game was running or before you started it?

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