Is this normal: 24K pax and 33K bags?

Hello! I have a small airport with 6 medium stands and 3 remote small stands. I currently have over 24K pax and 33K bags in my airport.

My airport bus queues for pax leaving the terminal total almost the entire 24K pax - just under 12K each. And I randomly have loads of pax standing on airside shuttle stops used for my remote stands who are not traveling on those flights.

I get a LOT of lag during my gameplay (at times it makes this unplayable) and I’m wondering if these huge numbers contribute? Here is a screenshot of the extra people at my airside shuttle stops. How do I get rid of them if this is not normal?

Havoing more bags than PAX is no error, I think. Some PAX carry two bags. Having that much however…are there a lot of delayed flights of have you used the test spawn function from the F10 menu? This looks like a problem in my eyes.

That definitely doesn’t seem right. At one point I had about 30 stands running and I almost never went over 10000 PAX. I suggest re-loading the game and seeing if you get the same result.

This reminds me of an error I encountered recently. These could be PAX from arriving planes but unable to leave the shuttle bus stop. In my game I checked zoning and finally the error vanished, when I directly connected by terminal to the bus station. After version 31, streets do not have sidewalks any more. Maybe this is the problem that the crosswalks are there, but are not working correctly due to this fact. Maybe file in a bug report. Your PAX in the upper left stand do not seem to be able to leave the pad on a legal way. I do not see sidewalks. The ones with the crosswalks…maybe, if directly placed with contact to terminal.

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Thanks - it is always like this no matter how many times I save the game, exit, and reload the game.

I will have to wait until I have cash to see about installing sidewalks. Once I do, I’ll try that!

Not many delayed flights from what I can tell. What is the “Test spawn function” and how do I use it?

Thanks, everyone!

Update: I installed sidewalks/crosswalks and zoned them as secure to the airside shuttle stops. This got rid of all of the passengers in the picture above.

I have about 30K total pax now in my airport with 40K bags, so that hasn’t been alleviated. Is there a way to reduce this number? Specifically the almost 15K pax at each bus stop outside baggage claim?

So, you gave them a secure path to a shuttle bus? That’s a problem. PAX must leave secure zones via security exit before they can leave the airport. Do you have any security exists installed?

F10 and ‘send all passengers home’ does not work?

F10 and ‘send all passengers home’ does not work?

Unfortunately that wouldn’t tell us what the problem is. I suspect he hasn’t given the PAX a way out of the secure zone.

I don’t have any passengers stuck in a secure zone anymore. The fix I referenced above allowed all of the passengers stuck on my remote stand airside shuttle stops to enter the terminal and leave the secure area.

Now I’m stuck with just under 15K people in queue at each airport shuttle bus stop outside of my baggage claim. These people have all left the secure area.

I have just tried this. Earlier in the game (around 16K total passengers) this did not work.

I have closed my airport and hit F10 “send all passengers home.” In 6 game days the number of pax has decreased by about 2K. I now sit at 30.6K pax still “in” my airport. I’m also burning through cash with the airport closed. Before I closed it, the number was not dwindling at all as new pax continually arrived.

Do you have a subway? This will increase the flow that pax arrive and depart your airport.

When the bus arrives do passengers board it to leave?

Edited: @callum8004 I added a subway and all of the passengers and bags left my airport! Now I have no lag and can (finally) enjoy the game!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and advice.

Glad to hear you resolved it. Happy Flying!

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