Is there any update on the release of this game?


i have read about the game and I’m not sure how to play it
is there an application that i can download or how to start playing the game?

it has been my dream to find a game such like this to enhance my skills even more than ever it have been before

Not yet, current release date is estimated to be Q1/2 2017


It is not yet out

link to road map and funding:

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Shouldn’t be too much longer just think it will be a late Christmas present to us all when it does come out. It will be well worth the wait.

When would the game come out? I am excited to play but am wondering when it will come out? Do you have an exact date of when it will start?

Later an smartphone,tablet app?

It’s sometime on Q1 2017, they don’t have an exact date yet as they don’t know when the game will be ready for release

For now they are concentrating on the PC/Mac version, they have to release and update this version before they think of a mobile game

There are currently no plans what so ever in regards to porting the game to anything else than Windows or Mac. We’re fully focused on desktop as of now!


u should be focused on PCs and Mac now.
But still is it possible in future on mobiles if game becomes a hit??? And what abt Linux??

They probably wouldn’t know right now, it’s hard to tell what will happen with the game

Mobile games are very different when it comes to development. Sure the phones are getting faster with better hardware every generation, but they are still very limited in terms of CPU and memory. The game would have to be downscaled in many aspects to be able to even run. Also the factor of limited control with only touch senses makes it hard to add complexity. So it is a clear no at this point. Linux on the other hand could be considered.

Was just looking into finding a new airport tycoon style game. Turns out it’s a dead scene with a few recent failures.
Can’t wait for you to open the funding campaign for this. Your game is pretty darn close to what I’m looking for!


Same story…but I found the game earlier…lol

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@Fredrik, would this game be for download on app store? Whoa, getting ahead of myself. When in 2017 will the game first come out?

From the FAQ There is currently no release date set. We aim to release the game as an Early Access title sometime during Q1 (2017).

It looks like the game will be released on steam, they already have a steam green light campaign for the game

Not entirely true, the campaign we have is not a Greenlight campaign but a “concepts campaign”. It’s more or less a space for us on Steam until we launch the real Steam Greenlight campaign, which will be around the same time we are ready for a release! :slight_smile:


That’s what I meant :joy:, forgot what it was called

when will the greenlight campaign start? any ideas yet?

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