Is there any 'jeopardy' in the game?

I’ve just completed the tutorial for a second time. The first time I was losing huge amounts of money and now I understand why.

What settings can peple recommend for a first time play outside the tutorial. What jeopardy is there in the game, other than cash flow?

As someone who not familiar with “jeopardy” in this context, I googled it.

So, I think you are looking for ways to have a better change of successful gameplay for beginners?

It takes a lot of time and learning to build a profitable airport. I think the biggest elephant in the room is time!

Buying fuel, is something I find a big obstacle in the Tutorial; you dont want Fuel for new beginners. It is a huge drainage on your funds, especially if you play with emergencies and an oil crisis hits.

Also, vehicle management. Stands do not have a 1:1 requirement for vehicle numbers. While in the tutorial you are set up for a stand versus vehicle ration that suggest it. This costs a lot of money.

Then; upkeep costs. I am laughed away here for building grass Taxi-Lanes a lot. But all the high end Asphalt and Concrete stands and taxi-ways put a huge pressure on your day to day expenses. Also, Terminal Blocks, have a huge financial footprint. But I dont see any of them explained in the Tutorial.

Also the game has no Liquidity Graphing at all, so, players have no idea how their wallet is developing. Even with instant income per hour in your HUD. Which is an hourly display of income, reset every hour. If you ask me, its completely useless. It should be a rolling average of income per hour, for a 24 hour period. Even if you make money for most of the day, you still can be leaking money everywhere. The wallet should have a trendline to show what your wallet is doing over time, in liquid cash.

Thanks for the detailed reply.

Aside from the cash flow, I was thinking of items like:

  • aircraft breaking down
  • terrorist incidents because you don’t scan effectively
  • reduced efficiency of vehicles as they age
  • effectiveness of staff (and the possibility they quit) because you are not satisfying needs or you increase their shift lengths
  • happiness of passengers due to delays or lack of facilities. Less likely to spend in franchises
  • airline companies breaking contracts before you do because they are not satisfied with your airport

Some of these are hinted at in the GUI, but I don’t see occurrences in the tutorial. And there are suggestions of fines for safety/security breaches but these aren’t apparent.

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Hi @DRY411S,

So I will address your points in order for you:

  1. Aircraft only break down if you have emergencies enabled and the frequency of these depends on what level of difficulty you select when starting the game if you choose an easy difficulty where you start with a lot of money you will get very few to none emergencies and if you start the game on a harder difficulty with little money then you will have lots of emergencies. All you need to have to fix damaged aircraft is an aircraft hanger appropriate for the size of the aircraft and the aircraft will eventually get repaired and then take off. For large and medium aircraft you will need a connection to the service road as they require a pushback from a tug (pushback truck).

  2. There are no terrorists in the game thus far I believe. The only kind of ‘emergency’ you get involving this is when suspicious baggage get loaded onto an aircraft and all that happens is that you get a fine of £5,000. It just means that you baggage scanning system is not optimal and needs reviewing. If you need help with this let me know.

  3. I do not believe that vehicles have reduced efficiency over time, however I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. Effectiveness of staff is determined by their skill level and their tiredness level so to combat this make sure they are fully trained and reduce their shift lengths so that they can go to the toilet and have breaks although you need to make sure you have sufficient staff to cover when they staff have a break so always have double staff to what you need. Staff will never quit however I believe that there is a staff strike incident where you have to negotiate staff salaries but I haven’t encountered this so I’m not sure exactly what happens here.

  5. The passenger happiness value is calculated by a number of different factors including walking distance, queuing time, staff friendliness and ability, quality of objects in the terminal and services available to passengers therefore delays by themselves does not have a big impact on passenger happiness. If a flight boards on time but then is delayed from taking off I do not believe that this impacts the passenger happiness rating but it does affect the airlines rating.

  6. I believe that if you constantly have a low happiness rating with an airline then they will firstly offer you less flights and then terminate the contact. At the beginning when you first sign a contract with an airline the rating is 25% but the airline won’t cancel the contract at this point as long as you handle the flights correctly and on time this rating will increase. I’ve never had an airline cancel a contact with me I think for this to happen you would have to continuously have major delays in all areas of your airport and be cancel flights with them often.

I hope this helps. For 5 and 6 you can hover over the icons on the bottom right of the GUI which will provide you with a breakdown of the components that make up each of the happiness ratings - general aviation, airlines, passengers and security and then your airport as a whole where all of theses factors come together.

If you need more help or don’t understand anything just ask :smiley:

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This was in, it has been phased out without detailed active working version.

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