Invisible baggage

My baggage system seems to be working just fine but all the baggage is invisible everywhere. Check in invisible, Baggage Bay invisible, on the cart invisible loading and unloading planes invisible. Is this a glitch?

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Can you show us by a video or screenshots?

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i’ve the same problem too… with alpha version 24.4, before the update i could see them…

Same problem for me as well. vers 2.3-2, baggage seen. vers 24.4, gone.

Since previous version at some point it was changed, but you now have to zoom in really close now I find with conveyor belt toggled on

Like @EG0611 mentioned, can you please include screenshots or a video of the issue?

My baggage is invisible but it becomes visible when I zoom in really close. Try that! It should work. :slight_smile:

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