International flights shown as national in flight planner

Hello to all,

since a few days, I would think since the update to version 1.0, I have a problem with the flight planner in manual and automatic mode.
Problem is that the planner denies to place flights to international stands even when they going from Poland to Egypt and other international destinations…

Please let me know if this is a bug or anything I can solve myself.




Do you play in the realistic international mode or the default one? (check gameplay settings)
In the default mode, only large stands are handled as international, the destination does not matter at all.

I play with realistic international mode + Schengen…
Everything worked well but now if I open any actual or even older save game its always same problem with placing flights to the stands.



Could solve the problem now…I took out the mark for “Schengen” now its running smoothly again :slight_smile:

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Where is your airport located? May you found a bug.

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