International / Domestic Scheduling Disconnect Issue [SOLVED]

Issue Description:

I build an airport with 2 terminals - each with about 5 stands (I am not using the terminal tool- its all just one big airport)
I make 1 of those all international (the terminal, the stands, all that)
I make the other one just a normal domestic with just regular security to all of the stands there,

When I open the airport and turn on auto scheduler, everything works perfectly - employees all get to work at locations, no errors on baggage connections or security checkpoints…

The international section of airport has flights all day and night and is very busy.

The domestic terminal does not have 1 flight assigned to it and no aircraft are en route or anything for that terminal.

I cannot figure out the disconnect that I have where only international flights and operations are being allowed and scheduled.

I have other airports that are setup the same way, and they work just great.

Thanks for listening


I assume you play on the realistic international mode, is that correct?

Where is your airport located?

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Is that the 'Realistic International Stands"? I have that checked- I do want the ability to select whether it is international or domestic.

I have the same isue with airports in Florida and Australia.

Additionally, adding insult to injury, there are 3 large runways, and the planes only use the center one. Occasionally, the use the side ones, but there is a 24 plane backup to use the middle one, and the two on either side are open and unused - Same with the terminal stands, no flights scheduled to any of the 36 non international gates at all.

This has happened twice to me now and I cannot figure it out.

Correct. When you have a toggle on each stand size, you have that active.

What stand size do you use at the domestic terminal?
Technically, US and Australia should provide domestic flights for bigger plane sizes when the airport is on a spot where the other end of the country has a long enough distance.
In smaller countries, may only medium or sometimes even only small flights can offer domestic routes as every plane has a minimum range in its settings.

As far as I remember when this feature was introduced, domestic flights should be offered equally or by the number of available stands. If you have a lot of contracts and none of them offers a domestic flight, may send in a bug report so that the devs can check your savegame.

Regarding the runways: What setting do you use in the operation panel, should planes use the nearest runway or split up equally?

Update on this issue and kudos to the developers. If you build an airport on a small continent/island/isolated area, then MOST of your flights are international. So only the international stands and terminal will be used. It is another reason that this game is way better and well planned and programmed.
Runways started working again after I placed the airport in the middle of the US where there are tons of domestic and international flights.

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