International Arrivals and Hub Status

So, first off, kudos to the developers of this game as it has been a real pleasure to dig in and see everything that the game is capable of, and what it may eventually lead into. Playing through it so far, I have had a few thoughts on features of the game, based off of current build and what is going on in game.
International Arrivals- So currently I am running an airport in Nashville, Tennessee and several of the airlines are running service from Canada, and I was just wondering if it was perhaps in the plans or maybe could be considered to be able to implement customs or something similar for these flights. Also related, typically in the real world, airlines pay higher passenger fees to airports for international passengers, so that might be a good idea for the game as well.
Hubs- This is my bigger idea and something that I think could be a big addition to the game. I think it would be nice to implement a system of airline relations, where each airline can have their own individual approval level of your airport, and once you reach a certain level, along with meeting mulitiple criteria desired by the airline, you can pursue establishing a hub for the airline in your airport. Once the hub is established, you must continue to meet criteria and approval levels from the airlines to be able to maintain the hub. Being from Nashville, our airport used to be a hub for American Airlines, and when it opened, American actually funded the construction of an additional large terminal in the airport and brought in a huge amount of traffic. It eventually closed in the 90s and it has taken until the past few years for the airport to start using the full capacity of the terminal, and Nashville lost multiple daily nonstop international flights( Nonstop to London is only just now starting up again next year). This would incentivize airports to reach hub status with an airline and to maintain that to prevent the airline from moving out and leaving you with large unnecessary capacities.
I would like to hear everybodies thoughts/criticisms if any. I feel like either of these ideas would be a big step in the right direction of realism of the game.

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