Ingame winconditions/challenges

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Ingame winconditions/challenges


It would be nice to have challenges like in rollercoaster tycoon, where you for instance needed to have X amount of guest in your park at the end of year Y or earn X amount of money. Even though you won or failed the scenario, I remember it was possible to still continue building your park if you wanted, so it will not affect the building fun. In ACEO it could also be interesting to complete X amount of airline contracts, have a certain degree of satisfaction or (in the future) meet certain needs regarding hub contracts at a given deadline. The way I see this currently implemented is by giving the opportunity to create your own scenario rules and (win)conditions when you create a new game like in rimworld or surviving mars. Next, if you achieve your goal you for example get a message of another CEO/company offering to buy your airport which you can accept or reject in order to continue playing.

Why it should be implemented:

This adds to the challenge and realism of the game. Although it is currently necessary to add new content and gameplay features, I think it is also worthy to not forget this is a videogame which needs challenges for replayability. Without those the game becomes repetitive over time. Moreover, this would clear the way for a story mode/campaign (like in prison architect), single scenario’s/missions or custom scenarios by the modding community through pre-build airports.

For me campaign and challenge modes are a must before full release, however getting in the very long list of features requested in this forum (very few on the list i would not want to see over time) to make the game a rich simulation would only benefit the possibilities for user generated challenges and a full campaign which took you from a small GA airport in the outback right up to an international airport in a major city via money, staffing, building, incident and progression, which builds on what the tutorial gives you but in a more practical way

I agree, maybe it’s not yet needed for the first few rounds of voting, but an option of adding some basic challenges to the game would be a nice addition over time, since full campaign will probably be one of the last things to implement.

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