Ingame bug reporting tool

I believe it would be nice if we could log into our forum account instead of giving a name and email when filling in an ingame bug report. An email to our adress, with a confirmation of what we’ve submitted so we read it back, and don’t have to write down the bug ticket number, would also be nice.
Also I’d like to be able to submit multiple screenshot, now i can only submit one.

What do you guys think?

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We will not enforce or support a Forum login or integration since it’d probably be tricky and we don’t want to force people to be members here just because they want to report a bug.

Multiple screenshots however I agree could be useful. We’re investigating the possibility of implementing an e-mail based feedback system, so when you file a bug report you can have an e-mail confirmation message posted back to you and also receive updates as your bug report is getting processed.

i wasn’t suggesting forcing people to log in, but to click a box to switch the current entry with forum entry.

Since we discuss the Bug Reporter can we see the last bug report ID somewhere in the bug reporter?

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