Ingame bug reporting tool is still broken

The ingame bug reporting function seems to be broken since more than 2 weeks now.

It stays forever at “sending” and doesn’t even receive a time-out.

Is it only me having this issue?

The latest bug report we had sent to us was yesterday with an otherwise normal (but very slow) stream of reports so it seems to be working in general. Are you trying to submit a very large world?


Good to know when it’s only me. The map shouldn’t be that big, but I will try a test on a smaller one soon.


There is an issue with attaching the correct version number which could add a few extra seconds of processing but it shouldn’t (will not) stall the process in my opinion… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried to send bug reports, only for the program to become non-responsive. Only way to end it is task manager.

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