Info-/Popup-/Flightplanner- Window - Informative Windows

All informative windows should be draggable/movable in general.
This has already been mentioned 2017 so i just wanted to bring it up again.

The flightscheduler could be improved by the following way:
there could be a list off all new offered flights from ALL airlines on the left side with filters (airline logos) on top.

My situation at the moment:

  • 4 (!) airlines and only small commercial flights
  • i get new flights offered every 30 seconds, i have to click through all the airlines to see WHO offered a flight
  • countless “false alarms” where the icon indicates a new offer and i click through all airlines again to find no new flight at all

This recently got so bad that i´m literally just clicking and scheduling and instead of playing.
I know there´s an auto scheduler but i want ot do that manually.

By making a list that shows all flights (Excel-style with airlines/with airline filters/flights color coded with airline colors) where you can chose and schedule a flight you won´t have to click-search through every single airline on your list.

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Windows should be able to “pinned down” too.

Most needed windows for me to be always on top would be an exert of the “staff allocation” and “vehicle allocation” tables.

Now you have to browse to them a lot, I want them on top non stop; please make the top bar of the info window “double click” accepting, then we can “minimize” the window, while it is on top.

Also, the “queue” of all my airstrips I would like to see non stop; a table would do wonders.

While on the topic of the flight planner; give us a “pre-set” day-planner tab. Let us, the CEO, make a “roster” where the auto-scheduler is allowed to plan flights in. It is horrible to “manually” fill 50+ gates on an airport, but the auto-scheduler is horrible too, because you will end up with zero spread in PAX / plane entree numbers. So you have troubles at all processing bottlenecks of your airport (busstops, shops, toilets, security stations, shops, air-strips, taxi-lanes, staff/vehicle allocation, etc, etc).

Yes, this was annoying and time-consuming to me as well. So, what i know do is pause the game just after midnight (yes, CEOs don’t have officer hours), and schedule offered flights.

In the Flight Planner, there is a line indicating how many flights an airline is offering (can be a single aircraft with a number of repeat flights or individual flights as the case may be). This way, you don’t have to click on an airline if they aren’t offering flights.

I have also seen the ‘new offer’ icon, but then there are now new flights. Usually I wait a few minutes before going into the FP once the icon is highlighted, then it usually shows them. This is moot with my system of checking and scheduling once a day, though, as there are always flights showing if indicated.

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