Info about performance

First of all, Great game. It is so realistic already in this stage.

Apart from a lot of already announced improvements there is one thing I really would like to have added to the game as it is now. And that are tools for measuring the performance.

At this moment, cash is an indicator of the performance and you have the general indicators on the dashboard.On the most detailed level you sometimes you get a little info from passengers thoughts or in messages.

For passengers satisfaction it would be very helpful to have some more detailed indicators about how happy the passengers are and most importantly why. Do they need more toilets, more seating, more screens, are waitingtimes too long, or perhaps they do like the number of plants in the terminal, etctera .

Same goes for the airlines, completing a contract is good for your rating and important for future cooperation, but actually i do not know how satisfied the airlines are and where I need to improve.

In addition to this, it would be nice when a message appears about an expired contract, i would be able to click it to see which contract it concerned and and a kind of note with the final calculation and/or satisfactory rate.

So far for my small contribution, I hope I didn’t miss an earlier posting though…

I’d love if they implemented a count on total passengers serviced… on top of that

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