Increase font size on website / blog posts


Could you consider increasing the font size on the blog posts?

You chose a rather small size (13px) and combined it with a rather wide paragraph width (940px). Those two combined decreases the readability a lot. I usually zoom in to read it. It works, but zooming makes the paragraph fill my entire screen, and reading paragraphs the width of the entire screen is not really optimal as well.

I tried to change the size to 16px / 1.6em line-height, and it both looks good and is way more readable.

Otherwise keep up the good job… :smiley:

Isn’t this possible by changing the font size on your device settings?

I read it on my computer (15 inch screen)…
I can use the inspector in the browser to change it locally.

My reasoning for mentioning this it more that the decision to combine a wide paragraph with a small font size is not optimal. I would have chosen no more that 700px width when using 13px font. Otherwise you get the bad user experience i’ve mentioned above.

View>Zoom in will increase the font size for you

Thanks, but my point here is still that the UX on the site it broken in this regard…
I’m trying to increase the readability for everyone, not just me… :slight_smile:

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