Improved Contracts System realism

With the new contracts system will there be actual airline routes that change? An example would be if I make my airport in outback Australia. I will get much less commercial and, cargo contract proposals as well as fewer GA flights, then if my airport is located in Sydney, Australia, as the demand for commercial flights out of the outback would be lower due to there being no population so no demand. I would love to see this in action so the contract system is dynamic and, based off of air traffic routes around the world and, takes into account supply and demand rather than just giving us non stop contract proposals no matter where we are. If I have an airport in the middle of outback Australia it would get far less traffic, if any, compared to a major city airport such as Sydney.

In real life, this is the major factor in whether an airport will make a profit or, lose money as 70% of airports around the globe lose money as contracts are hard to come by due to there being no demand for the use of their airfield.(source)

I know this system would be quite complex to implement but, it would really make the game something amazing if contracts are changing based on a supply and demand system.

Also, not every flight should sell its seats out 100% having a random factor in the aircraft companies selling seats would be interesting also as they could then cancel contracts based on if they are selling enough seats or not. So if there is a daily flight from Perth- Sydney the passenger count would be random that are boarding the plane. Some days it would have 100% of its tickets sold and other days would have only 50% of its tickets sold.

So to put the request in an easy list.

  1. Supply and demand for contracts based on location of airport and flight routes and so on.

  2. A random factor for % tickets sold so not every flight will be sold out.(The better your airport service the easier it would be to sell these tickets but even then selling 100% of tickets for a flight would not always happen.)

  3. Airline companies can cancel contracts based on if they are selling enough tickets.


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