I have a problem with ramp agent

Hello everyone!! :smile:

After trying and researching on youtube, I finally found how to activate the international terminal correctly and thus obtain the said green security buttons. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

However, in my definitive airport, I found a problem that worries me a lot.

Where the baggage bays are located, they are apparently properly connected, but I don’t know why there are no employees in them.

I don’t know if I misguided the way baggage dispatchers should go.

In the first image, ramp agents are comfortable in the staff room on the ground floor. I painted that area red (safe area) and yellow (personal area).


I connected that red zone to the closest elevator that communicates directly to where the baggage bays are, but ramp agents don’t go to them.


I will appreciate the advice to correct the areas for the staff, so they can do the job correctly.

Without further ado, I greet you all with affection.

Thanks! :smile:

did you zone the elevators well?

I suggest that you just de-secure all that area, it’s not required to be secure

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The elevator is zoned with both zones: red and staff zone. Mmmmm :thinking:

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Where should you remove the zones and accommodate them so that the ramp agents move onto the ramps? Your response was very general. Thanks! :smiley:

remove all the secure areas in the pictures @OctavioA

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Ok, I’m going to try …

I just don’t want to delete the international zones or the personnel zone where most of the airport employees are.

i ment just the secure zones, so the red

Oki doki! :grin:

The problem still! I made the changes you suggested quite recently, but they didn’t take effect. The ramp agents are not yet heading towards the bays even if their path is clear. I don’t know what’s wrong, maybe the ramp agents are bugged.


PS: Only two ramp officers were waiting in the underground room for them where the bays are, while this was upstairs in the main employee room.

Hm, link the airport and I’ll see what I can do

I don’t see where the security checkpoints and secure area exits are for this zone?


Not to be rude but if you want more help, link the airport

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