I hate to say it, but emergency landings are pretty useless!

When you get to late game, where you have large planes and all that fancy stuff, emergency landing incidents feel like nothing more than a gust of wind hitting.

$10,000 fine? Scary when you’re starting I guess, can really mess you up. But later in the game, when you’re making so much money, the fine is laughable and can’t be taken seriously.

Heck, I don’t even keep emergency preparations like police, firetrucks, and ambulances on my airport because I simply don’t need them! The fine can be handled like it’s nothing, and if anything, keeping the infrastructure on my land fills up more space and pesters me more than a plane literally on fire!

What do I think should be done? Make fines scale to a point where they are dangerous and lethal at any time, I feel like all the waiting for the original emergency update feels kind of… void and obscure.

I still do not like this particular feature very much and raising fines might only lead to destroying an airport by RNG bad luck. I do not know what to feel about that suggestion. Otherwise, it is implemented as a requirement for a commercial airport so not obeying to standards should not lead to fines but to revoking your license if it happens too often.

I guess my aversion comes from the fact that I like slow-pace planning games and those arcade elements infuse hectic into the otherwise steady gamepace. Like a random speed-up hiccup. I’d rather had cargo planes and charter flights than fire trucks but the game went elsewhere.

maybe it should say if it is a small medium or large plane and a fine accordingly then the fine for smaller players is more managable and becomes a bit more of a challenge for larger airports

Economy balancing is still on the board for future beta release. If you don’t enjoy playing the game with emergencies, they can be turned off using the customization in the sandbox settings when you start a new airport! :slight_smile:


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