I am currently stuck on the tutorial... any help? See description for more info

I am currently on ‘build a basic conveyor belt system’ in the international airport section of the tutorial. I have two steps left of this section which are ‘connect check-in desk to baggage bay’ and ‘connect stand to baggage bay’. So I follow the instructions however, when I complete them, it does not seem to tick them off the list. I have no idea why this happens so I was wandering if anyone could help me? This would be much appreciated.

Are they also physically connected to each other with belts? Also in the right direction? You can see them by pressing Y.

yes I have checked this.

The stand and desks are also open?
Otherwise I have no clue at this point.

Maybe you can send in some screenshots of the stand, check in and baggage bay with the menu’s opened?

Does the conveyor system work and is it just the tutorial that is bugging?

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