How update?

Hello everyone, greetings from Argentina, sorry my English is not very good.
I just discovered this great game and I’m super happy to discover it, I have version 21.7 … I want to know how to do the updates? … I have to download the updates one by one or download the latest version … I understand is 23.0 … thanks to all x help, regards

my litle airport in the image


Game is available via only Steam and it has 2 versions; 1. default branch with stable gameplay and 2. experimental branch with new features but not stable gameplay.

And none of them are even close to 21 or 22 so…

I guess you get the answer :wink:


If you are not on the experimental branch than right click on airport ceo in steam then hit properties and then hit betas and find experimental branch!:grinning:

But when do we get a real update, free for everyone not only on the experimental branch?

Once the Dev (Olof) are happy that the game is stable for all to use, they will normally announce it on the blog

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They mentioned this week the default branch gets an update.

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Do you guys aware that @pelados80 uses cracked AirportCEO from torrent or something and asking for our help?

How do you know mate, for future reference? Is it the version number, PM me if you prefer.

Correct. There are only 2 versions you can get if you buy game. 23.0 for default and 23.5-2 for experimental. All versions other than these means he didn’t buy the game.


Thank all for reply, i don’t know im have the crack version. I’m found in other page, now i’m buy the real version in steam

thank all for reply
greetings from Argentina


Correct! Will occur this week, as soon as the experimental branch becomes “stable”.


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