How to empty any storage?

I need to move a gas depot but don’t want to dump the gas. But the depot gets automatically refilled all the time, but if I close it I suspect the trucks won’t go there to refill.

Is there any possibility to have the trucks empty the storage?

Same for de-icing fluid etc. There it may be a workaround to just cancel the contract and wait, but cancelling fuel contracts would stop the supply for both kinds of gas.

If the problem is the expense incurred when purchasing fuel, I have a way. Build the second depot, and on the F10 (developer menu) there’s the refill fuel stock option in the end. :laughing:

EDIT: Contracts don’t allow you to deplete your fuel stocks completely. Some refuel at 15% and 20%. You would have to cancel the contract in order to deplete it completely.

I just keep an eye on the depot when they go to fill up. Once they’ve emptied it and before new saupplies arrive build anew and then demolish the old. No liquids lost.

I would build the new one, wait till it’s filled and then cancel contract and wait till the old one is empty…

And when you run out the other type of gas?

A closed fuel storage will still be used until empty. But if the new one is shorter by it won’t be used.

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I think that for the demolition of a building with fuel, we get money for the remaining fuel in the tank.
I’m right?

There’s a lot to wish for when it comes to holding tanks in general in ACEO, and we’ll get a few new controllable features in for the coming gameplay update after summer…


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