How To Delete Cargo Bay

I need a little help here;

I need more room to add all the scanners to my baggage sort area before it goes into the Cargo Bay. However; I cannot delete it. It says you can’t delete the bay if there is baggage on it.

This is what I tried: Shutting down baggage in the operations panel. Disconnecting all connections to the cargo bay, it’s perfectly clear now, but still bags). Then I “orphaned bags” and “cleared all baggage nodes” in the cheat console. Saved and shut down the game, restarted, no visible bags on the bay now, baggage all shut down and no connections to the bay, still can’t delete the bay as “Cannot remove Cargo Bay with contained baggage”.

Any workarounds to delete this puppy?

This issue is currently in the pipeline and will be fixed with the new push.

Ok thank you :slight_smile:

I have a fix for this in place now but can I get your save ant test it with?

Hi Olof,
same here. How can I send you the Backup?

File a bug report via the website and include the save! :slight_smile:

Will push 0.21.5 soon so I’d like to get it verified and into the new fix.

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Also please notify me when you’ve done it so I can check it as soon as possible! :hear:

@da_fisch, did you send it?

Sorry I was out for a time.
I send it now.

I was away a couple days. It says 21.9 on my game now, and it looks like you fixed it already. :slight_smile:

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We did, if it has not reappeared of course!