How i get a better Security Efficiency Rate?

At moment i have it around 1% . That is too low
What i make wrong ? :thinking:

Can you help me please

If you’re looking at the rating on the window that pops up when clicking on a security queue, that number is not a percentage, but a rating out of 2.00

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In my experience, having lot’s of small security checkpoints is more efficient than having 3 large security checkpoints. In my opinion, these checkpoints need a remake, because they are rather corrupt. The smaller checkpoints are simply to small and not secure, while the large ones are to big for the amount of passengers that can pass through per hour.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Should mention that there’s a bug in both the current default version and experimental version affecting queue distribution. We’ve smashed a lot of them lately and with Alpha 30.0-3 I don’t think there’ll be any left (famous last words) but just wanted to mention that.


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