How do the planes starts from both sides of the runway?


how can i manage it, that my planes starts from both sides of the runway? there’s a lot of traffic because every plan starts from one side. @pderuiter - come on - i believe in you :wink:

haha, uhoh :wink:

What exactly do you mean? You want take offs going right-to-left then left-to-right and so on?

You can’t :slight_smile: But i’m not sure that’s what you mean

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Isn’t this to do with the wind direction and not the users choice? He’s saying he wants to be able to get his planes to line up to take off both sides to reduce traffic jams. Seems a bit dangerous tho :joy:

Sorry, i think my english isnt’ the best. A few weeks ago i saw some screenshots where planes waiting for the take off on both ends of the runway. In my games the planes always starts from one side -
independent of the wind…

What you have seen is probably a traffic jam waiting on one side. Than wind directions change and new planes pathfinding will go to the other side of the runway. Planes already queuing do not get rerouted. They will take off with the wind in their tails instead of nose.

This is my best explaining if what I’ve seen in my airports.

Do i need a weather station?
I Know what you mean, but i start my third airport and the planes always starts from the same side of the runway.

The weather station has no actual impact on the game, besides showing you a forecast

ah ok, thank you.

This would be silly, dangerous and not very practical and is never used in the real world.
Wind direction determine take-off and lading direction. If you could choose to solve the traffic, you would suddenly have 2 airplanes where one is trying to get off the runway, and one trying to get on. Yes, you could solve it by have 2 taxi ways in. Also, this would be a nightmare for traffic controllers trying to jugle this around.

If you have too much traffic, it means its time to build another rwy. Split the 2 rwy where one is for landing and one is for takeoff, then you will get a very smooth taxi traffic. You could also have 2 + 2 rwy to handle even more traffic.

BTW, anyone knows if the papi light have any function at the moment? and will it have?

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