How do Shifts work?

Hi all,

Can someone explain the shifts system in the game to me? I understand that staff only work the specified hours, but do they only work that per day (24 hrs) or do they work a shift → go rest till energy back up → go work another shift?

When hiring staff, what do I need to account for in terms of extra staff to cover all the shifts? If I have a 6 hour shift (e.g. for a tier 3 scanner) that means I have 4 shifts in a 24 hour period. Does that mean I will need to hire 4 security staff? or will 2 staff each take 2 shifts and rest in-between?

In my current airport I’m getting lots of delays due to ramp agent shortages, but I’m rich AF so I don’t mind spam-hiring agents, it’s just I would like to get a slightly accurate figure as to how many agents I need in total, taking into account the shifts.

The official Wiki doesn’t mention much on shifts, unfortunately, and a quick search on this forum seems to only result in posts asking for shifts to be implemented…

Thanks for any help in advance!


If i’m not mistaken it’s like the first sentence. “They work a shift → go rest till energy back up → go work another shift?”

So let’s say you set the Security to work 6 hours at the medium security station. That’s 4 people.
So one security station will then be fully staffed for 6 hours. After 6 hours the game will send a security staff request that 4 jobs is a available. Then 4 free security officers will pick those jobs up. And go there to relive them.

So basically if i have one medium security station at my airport i will hire 8 officers. 2 set of crews.

Thanks, that’s good to hear. I will try hiring double the ‘required’ staff and see if that solves my issues.


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