Hired staff lost after update

I returned to a save from the previous version after the update and all my hired staff were gone. I had around 100-200 and after the update, when loading my save, I had one. Nothing else had really changed. Any ideas?

Sounds like you have a serialization issue. What game version are you running and did the game propmt you about anything when you loaded?

Either way, please load the save and immediately perform a bug report. Once you’ve done that get back to me here with the bug number and we will expedite your issue.

Hi, it warned me about issues with outdoor parking and other update changes, but didn’t mention staff. Regardless, since the original post I’ve rehired staff and saved over it. For reference, I was running 32 and the update to 33 appeared to have caused it. If you’d still like me to do a report after the overwrite, just let me know

After the overwrite for an Alpha 32 to 33 it won’t make much difference I’m afraid but at least it’s good to hear that it was with a legacy save. Please let us know, or if anyone else experience this, and we’ll have a look at it.

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