High Resolution Screenshots for efficiency on the forum

High Resolution maps.


Players can screenshot there airport in better detail, and can be viewed in game, or posted to the form. This will allow the player and others to see pictures in great detail. The pictures would be of their whole airport, and can be viewed to see every detail. This will be able to be posted to the forum. This will make the process sharing ideas and problems, and finding a solution easier for the player and for the viewers on this forum.

Why it should be implemented:

This will make it easier for the player base, and forum viewers to help each other out. It will allow the forum to be neater as sometimes solutions to problems in game, lead to 7 or even more screenshots on the forum. If players could get higher resolution screen shots in game. We could help find solutions.

Images, references or additional content:

Puma suggested this be put into two ideas:

This feature idea, is for the picture of the whole map.

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