Help i have a problem

Hi Guys, I have a question: is this game on 32 bit platform, because when i buy this game game doesn t start pls help …
THX for answer

It’s 64 bit only I’m afraid. There was another post if you do a search that has an answer from the Dev’s as well as to the feasibility of doing 32 bit.

Thank you

Yeah, it’s 64 bit only, sorry. Currently we have no plans of extending to 32 bit. There’s simply not enough 32 bit users out there for us to motivate investing time and testing to make sure that the game runs well on 32 bit. If we have enough requests we might consider investigating a 32 bit option but right now there are no such plans.

If you’ve bought the game make sure to refund it before 14 days of owning it.

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