Help ...baggage kill me

i have problam with baggage system , all is connectd but no load or unload :frowning:


Have you hired Ramp Agents?

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And also… your baggage bay is not secure zoned. Make the crosswalk, Sidewalk and Bay Building as Secure

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Also, do you have service truck?

There are other methods of killing you besides baggage you know. Like, i.e very slow performance from massive airports.

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Doesn’t look like a big airport… And ACEO is giving the same performance (30FPS-60FPS) on normal and High rigs. So Performance shouldn’t be a problem.

That was a joke.

Huh… didn’t sound like one :stuck_out_tongue:

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i have and all freeze woithout any reason

… you also need ramp agents to handle the baggage bay. The numbers set is per side, so if you set to 2, you need 4 agents.

The ramp agents also need a way to get into that place. So you need to secure it as staff+secure zone.

Staff Zone is not necessary unless you don’t want Passengers in your bay. But you will definitely need to make it Secure zone.
A check-list for you:

  • Baggage bay In Secure Zone
  • Baggage bay accessible from Office (Along with Security Exits/Check-points for every zone change)
  • Ramp Agents hired
  • Baggage Belt connected properly to Baggage Claim and Check-in.
  • Service Trucks bought

If this doesn’t work, Use F10 Debug meny to clear all vehicle nodes. If it still doesn’t work… report it as bug on

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i do all
i think desgin again airport

Report the bug before restarting.

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Ramp agents not being able to walk on grass, like contractors, I find that somewhat stupid.


Yes… half of the baggage learning curve would get solved if they could walk on grass like contractors.

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You forgot to mark the Door in your Terminalbuilding self as a Securezone. Look on your Pics. Everthing, including the sidewalk is secure but the Door not.

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thanks of all ,he work but in other map.sorry im amatur

Do you have your savefile from the other one? Try this minute to load it, mark this area also as sacure and normally it works fine.

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He has ramp agents at the baggage bay so there isn’t any issue with the secure zone (at least anymore) :wink: