Having issues with one of my runway entrances/exit

So I did the update last night, and the other smaller update today. I closed my airport down so I could add a large stand for international flights, and put in a large runway just for that specific aircraft type only.

I built my runway, and attached both entrances at the end of the runway like I did with the other medium one.
As you can see in the screenshot there is a red exclamation point. All the taxiways are connected to both ends of the runway, and to the stand itself. Not sure why because planes exit on that end, and take off on the other side. I do not have this problem with my medium runways and or entrance/exits.

We need more screenshots if you could! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I just loaded my save game, and it was fixed. No more red exclamation point. Guess all I had to do was save and reload my game. If it happens again I’ll add more screenshots to this thread.

Glad to here you solved the problem! :smile:

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Yes… seems to be a new bug. I removed several exits and the symbols did not disappeared until a reload of the game.
Need to reproduce it and report.

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