Ground personal vechicles

Like many airports, ground personal do not walk all the time. As an idea, how about adding vehicles ramp agents and airport staff can use on the tarmac or in the airport building. These could be as simple as a airport buggy, or a white van.

The buggy could be used to transport airport staff or passengers across the airport to reach their gate. These cart could come with a charging stand for a place to park these buggies. or even zoning parts of the airport for where the buggies can be used. You could even create a path for the buggies to run on too!

While the white van (or another vehicle) could be used to transport the ramp agents so they could get to the other side of the airport. By adding these vehicles, the airport ramps could also have parking spots so the airport staff can park the vehicle by the plane. And once done with that plane, the ramp agents can get on the vehicle and go to the next plane.

the operations could be a lot faster this way.

Should be in game soon. You can track the dev process here



Thanks man!

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