Ground Handling Agents


Everyone, I have got a good idea for the game! there should be different handling agents at your airport and different airlines will prefer different handling agents for their aircraft and also you have to build different things such as the hangers and storage places for the vehicles and equipment

Hello and welcome to the forum unfortunately all this was already suggested and some of it implemented or promised to come ground staff are already implemented as well as storage garage for vehicles please search before you post thank you

Good idea, not only applies to Aircraft handling but to Passenger operations too. In the game you add more realism by having good and not so good agents (high/medium cost). These agents can be used for passenger check in and other services, HELP desk etc. Would also be a good idea to have a Baggage Services department in the game if not already there. Baggage at any airport will always have the potential to get damaged, lost or misrouted !

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