Get stuck without big enough Loans to open a Terminal

I keep getting stuck and unable to get a terminal running. The loans are not big enough to complete the construction of the terminal, install medium ramps and expand the runways to be long enough for larger planes.

What I am doing wrong, why won’t they lend me enough money. What is the trick?

I am only able to get past this point with 1 out of every 10 tries. Getting real frustrating.

There’s a couple of ways. I tend to start with 2mil in cash and don’t take out loans at all. First one is to unlock a parcel of land straight away and go in for one or two medium stands straight away. The other to go small and use the GA and small planes to build you cash pile up. The time is it takes is quite a while.

Don’t try and get all the bells and whistles at the start, give them time. Small security stations are good enough, you don’t need baggage or fuel or even ramp agents straight away.

I do focus on GA for a while. I open up 12 small ramps for GA. Start to turn a profit.

Then grab that parcel of land and start the terminal.

Then I don’t get offered the 1/2 million loan that I need to compete it and get the terminal up and running. Always just $150 000 or $250 000. Then a debt spiral starts without ever getting a chance at a big enough loan to get the terminal running.

I should add, sometimes it does work. But that is like 1 in 8 starts. Not sure what I do differently when I do get the big loans.

I don’t tend to use loans which I why I go the extra parcel route. It takes a bit of working out where things needs to be and keeping things close together.

@jasperwillem night have a few ideas about loans though. I know he makes good use of them.

I start with the 2 mil. Build a sizable GA airport. At that point I still have enough for the 750k extra parcel. But not enough to build a terminal and a long enough runway. This is where I get stuck.

How much a day do you profit on a GA traffic? How many small stands? Do you have more than one runway when you are running only GA traffic?

Sorry for all the questions. Love the game, just very frustrated.

I’m only running one runway for now. It’s a newish build, just got to six medium stands after rebuilding the the original four that were in the wrong place. No GA or small for now.

I’d suggest building your cash pile up more before trying to grow. You’ll need about 1.5mil I’d say from where you are to your first/second medium stand. The stands are only 150k but it’s everything else required to go with them.

From a new start with 2 mil, by the time I’ve built everything and my two stands are running I’m almost down to zero but making some money. I then plumb in the fuel system next. (Pun intended)

I would only tend to have a CEO as well at this stage. I don’t take on extra exec until they save me more than they would cost me.

No worries. Ask away.

So you don’t offer fuel for the small planes? I always figure its an easy profit.

Or are you saying to skip small stands and small planes and go direct to medium?

I have successfully built a massive airport with like 40 medium stands. Twice. But I have to make so many attempts before I seemingly get lucky with my design or something.

I skip small and GA at the start. They get added once I’m a little more established.

Yeah, it can be tricky working out where to build things. Yeah I go straight to mediums.

I skip small and GA at the start.

Me too, only they don’t get added at all. In all the iterations I have tried before I finally figured it out… and there were many and much frustration, which is what kept me coming back in the beginning… I’ll be damned before I let a business simulator beat me.

This all comes from my own experiences and interests. I could give a hoot about small airplanes. Some would tar and feather me for that statement. There are many who value that piece of the game in a very big way. I will re-evaluate the position when an overhaul happens resembling the one detailed in the suggestions forum… or I can land/park private jets for a lot of money.

GA is a tempation… you start to make money… a very small amount of it… then it turns into a thorn in your side where you either get rid of it, or fumble it… It can also really mess up the aircraft pattern of your commercial operation if you don’t build GA facilities completely separate. Nothing like watching 10 - 737-800s waiting on the tarmac for a little cessna to finally land/take-off because you don’t have the extra runway marked GA only.

Small stands… I think these too are a temptation that bares no fruit… They seem easy, but they have all the same requirements for facilities, equipment, etc… for 7-20 passengers… When I finally put them to rest completely, I didn’t even notice…

So you don’t offer fuel for the small planes

There’s way more money to be made offering fuel to only large planes. Offering it to both creates the same infrastructure necessity without any of the massive profits of empty 737-800 fuel tanks that are cash cows…

What actually got/kept me profitable in this game, but took me a long time to realize it, were the shop/restaurant contract rent… 2000 x 5 restaurant “rooms” is 10k per hour. I’d build enough rental income to offset all operating expense. Don’t worry about the contract failure either. Even if they’re in temporary locations, not very needy and don’t really make sense… 2200 makes money. Get the ACEOMM mod from steam that has a bunch (or all for that matter) of the businesses… I settled into the business of north america and all the airlines mod. There are like 4000 businesses in the everything mod… the more contracts you can sign, the more money you make. Loading 4000 businesses takes forever to load, so choose them wisely base don interest.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Never took the in-game loan… Yet, managed to build quite big airports, also in the toughest mode, starting with 250k. Just try to have fun with each and every small milestone instead of building a Heathrow at start… :slight_smile:

My first airport I followed the Tutorial to get a hang of how ACEO works. It’s still around, albeit losing money.

Second one is dead in the water, went too big too fast and ran out of capital to complete it. The mayor there must be pissed with a big white elephant in his town.

Third one is ticking along nicely. Started with two small stands, no GA, bought a parcel of land and extended runway for medium aircraft, although didn’t start bringing them in immediately, and gradually grew from there. I now have 14 stands (7 small and 7 medium) and recently added a second runway. Am now thinking of adding GA, and then maybe introducing baggage handling. This mayor should be a lot happier than the previous one, lol.

Considered the loan option to expand the airport at a faster pace, but eventually decided against it, as being able to service the loan was a concern.

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So, built a nice airport without any GA at all. My normal building strategy and design worked great. I have 10 medium stands that are always full.

Now my CPU gets used up and the game slows to a frustrating crawl. Get to :59 minute mark and its a 30 second wait. Very frustrating.

Anyone know a fix for this CPU hogging? Is there a setting I should change?

Thanks for all the replies to my first question.

Hmm… the number of the stands doesn’t stop the game at all. I have consistently run 81 stands on my 3 year old non-gaming laptop. Building a 108 medium stand right now with an expanded map. Things that I know have brought my airport to its knees, regardless

job Q for janitors
phantom fired employees from the past
same with vehicles

Usually save over the previous save and reload if you haven’t done that… try it or save a new file name.

No kidding. My desktop is less than 2 years old. This is the only program I ever ran that slowed it down.

I will try the saving to a different file name. Is there any use in selecting different graphics quality?

I would love to get up to 100 medium stands.

I just use the recommended and it’s the medium I think. Supposedly the 4k graphics are really nice. Can’t comment though.

The beginning of the 108 stand airport… it takes some tips and tricks to pull it off because you have to do some editing of files, which @olaf has said… there’s a reason we don’t make the map bigger… yeah yeah dad… whatever… but hey it’s fun.

I looked at the image and thought the right side of it was a performance chart for two processes :rofl:

@Rubble reposted it so as not to hijack his thread.

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