Garbage trucks not spawning frequent enough

Not sure if this is by design, but is there a max rate of garbage trucks that can spawn at an airport?

My airport is saturating all 3 garbage depots and the majority of my cleaning service trucks are waiting to empty. 140 widebody flights daily.

Noticed a similar thing. It only spawns garbage trucks when a depot is totally full, causing a jam of cabin cleaning trucks waiting to unload. Would be nice to have a slider (like we do for fuel etc)

Yeah, the depot slider setting has not made it into the garbage depot display. This will be fixed in Alpha 35 so that you can set your own levels for invoking pickup! :slight_smile:


It also seems to have a relatively small capacity for the size of the depot. 2500 bags of waste is only 5 truck loads so that can happen multiple times per day. I guess the easy fix would be to increase the capacity of the current depot, however, I would like to see a small version that takes up less real estate as well.

@Alexander has answered your prayers and today implemented sliders for both the waste depot and the catering depot! :slight_smile:


When is that dropping?

I assume it will be part of Alpha 35


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