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Just wondering if anyone else has got this problem. For the last 3 or 4 months I haven’t been able to get further than half the available airport before the game stalls. The problem starts to kick in when I get to about ten or twelve medium stands. The cause is, vehicles such as buses, minibuses, person cars and taxis, stop or greatly reduce the number of passengers they bring to the airport. Trying to spawn vehicles with F10 does nothing. Pax still arrive at the airport via air, but there are no road vehicles to take them away. Fortunately the tube trains are still running as they should, but this only takes care of part of the problem. As you can imagine my ratings go well into the red no matter how much spare cash I throw at it, eventually they crash thru the floor, so no golden hub award for me…ever, if I cannot get this sorted. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Did you file an in game bug report? Could you please report the bug number in this topic so the devs have a reference. Thanks.

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Hi, yes , I have reported this a couple of times but I did not take note of the reference. I originally thought that it was a problem peculiar to my copy of the game, but now I dont think so. I have recently had a new bigger hard drive fitted which meant I had to down load the game afresh, and yes, it still happens. When I had the hard drive fitted I had the computer serviced with no problems reported. Just for you reference I am quad CPU, water cooled, 16 meg ram.

Thanks for filing it, the devs certainly have seen it and analyse it. Reading your issue again, I believe it is being worked on and should be solved in the upcoming Alpha 35 as the multi terminal feature will then also be available and with that the whole delivery/pick-up of PAX has been rebuilt. But I don’t know if the devs will look into that as well on the current Alpha 34, @Olof?

Thanks Olof, look forward to Alpha 35.

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