Game running very sluggish


so far the game was running smoothly on my pc (2 years old). all of a sudden it started running very shakey despite having set the graphic settings to the lowest. Any ideas how i can make it run fluent again?

Could you please share some info on your hardware and the graphic settings you use for the game? Also good to have a look at the F10 menu to check the FPS and to check what other processes are running on your system while playing ACEO, a Windows update for example can also cause performance issues.

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I am using a Lenovo Notebook v110-15ikb with an Intel HD Graphics 620.
The screen resolution is 1366*768, the graphic quality is fast.

Is that F10 menu something that should open when pressing F10? Because when I am pressing F10 nothing happens…

Thanks for the info. According to the specs it has an i5 processor and 4GB internal memory, is that correct for your laptop? It’s not the highest spec, but if the game worked normally before it’s a bit strange it doesn’t run smooth anymore. Were you on an older version (e.g. Alpha 30 or lower?) of ACEO and now updated to the latest version? Did you change anything on your local system, Windows or other program update? Were your GPU drivers updated? Long line of questions short, there can be tons of thing causing the game not to run smoothly… If you didn’t change from an (much) older version to the latest ACEO, I would say it’s something local and not related to the game.

Maybe you have to use the ‘fn’ key to actually reach the F10 key, so keep the fn key pressed and then press F10.

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Wow thanks a lot for all this. I’ll give it a try👍

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Hey again.

First of all let me thank you for all your Inputs. Unfortunately the problem isnt solved yet… I didnt update the game as i just started 2 weeks ago playing it. No Windows updates were made, the only thing i updated was the gpu driver after it stopped running smoothly.

So if any one has the same problem like me i would very much appreciate every idea in order to solve this issue.

Many thanks and best regards

Welcome to the game! Hmmm, that’s unfortunate, good that you updated to the latest GPU version, that always helps on multiple levels. Another important question I forgot to ask is, how big is your airport? Because size could influence the performance and that’s not only on map size but also on how big and complicated (e.g. multiple floors) your terminal is for example.

Is the game also slow when you start a new game? I’ve read some issues around zones on different floors that cause issues with certain people, so if that is also the case for you a new game should run smoothly until you come to the point that you start zoning. It would help if you could please share some daytime screenshots (BTW we are always interested in screenshots, just because it’s fun and nice to see other peoples work :wink:, but also because a picture says a lot more than words) with zones enabled (‘z’ key) of your ‘sluggish’ game and please try to start a new game and see if that is sluggish as well.

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Hey, sorry for the late answer. I tried all your suggestions but in the end it can be said that the larger the airport gets and the more levels are built the slower the game gets… the biggest impact on the games performance seems to be playing on more than one level.

If you have any other idea of making the game run smoothly i would be very thankful.

All the best and stay healthy.

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Yes, there are a lot of optimizations we’ll look into here as of the final polish of this game before 1.0. Some improvements will come already in Alpha 35 but for now I’d label this issue as part of the early access label this game in fact still has! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, cant wait for Alpha 35 :+1:

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