Game on OS android

I have a question. When will be the game transfer from PC version on android version?
As soon as prosím architect.

Hopefully never. Keep it on PC only. Focus on that only


Since they use Unity it would be very easy for them too. The only thing they would have to do is support mobile devices within the UIs and then just decrease the graphics quality so it would run well. Although, you are right. It would probably not be the best on a mobile device.

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I Hope never… they will loose a piece of there souls

PC for the future!!!


The Prison Architect has also been transformed from PC to Android and has not lost his spell.

But, has been is development years and been heavily optimised

Now see this is personal preference but i cant stand it on a ‘mobile’ device aka a pad cause it wont work on a phone.

it loose alot of what it is.

so i cashed it back in and got a refund.

Wingnut: I don’t understand back?

He refunded it.

Prison Architect essentially sold the mobile versions to another company to make after they’d finished with it themselves, I think this is a good route to go down as it allows more sales but doesn’t take away from the core audience.

I got a refund for the game.

This is something the devs should look into, even maybe using the same developers. They did a fantastic job with PA converting it to iPad and it was overseen by the cities skylines publishers who are well experienced in this. It would add to sales and not take away from their time but completely writing it off based on preference for some users is never a good idea. I personally would buy this for my iPad on the go.

I think we need more of a game to the PC version first though. But maybe for the future.


I am also very depressed. The game on my mobile phone is not a computer version,I think the programmer should think more about this,from Android to computer, it’s not that hard.i hope it can be soon

@Easmer I am sorry, what?

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Yeah…needing to code for a different system will take up more staff who could rather improve the game itself. Also, keep in mind that Apple, Microsoft or Google might change their OS and older stuff will not work with the new OS version - ask e.g. Slitherine games for their experiences on that topic. Do you want devs to plan for 4 years in front and divert resources to phone OS support. And for heaven’s sake: Maybe I am only a bit old-school and generally grumpy: A phone is a phone. You use it to call people. It does not need to be a camera, a personal tracking device (usually cons get such a thing - why is one proud of BUYING such a feature for oneself?), a messenger, a coffee-machine, make freshly squeezed orange juice or be a game console. There is nothing smart in cramming a load of functions into a small piece of hardware when there are other systems working better at that task. Using the right tool for the right job is smart. Using a PC for a computer game is smart. Playing a game at home in private time is smart. (furious rant mode:OFF).
And when they put in android version then apple users want a version of their own and updated regularly. Devs: Stick to PCs and save yourselves that trouble…seriously.

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Porting games over to phone ruins most of them in my opinion.

The CPU of the phone will be crushed in no time.


An iPad Pro version :grinning:

I think there’s too much going on to fit inside of a tiny 5.5 inch screen.

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