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Hi. Yesterday I played the game, as normal (on Mac, through Steam), saved the game and logged off, shut down Mac etc. Usual stuff. Today, signed into steam, as I logged into the game, instead of Steam showing the game as “Playing”, it said “Validating” and proceeded to download three items linked to AirportCEO including AirportCEO Workshop, without me asking it to (plus, the workshop was already downloaded). I get into the game, it asks me for language (hasn’t done that to me in forever) and all my saved games (including one that I have been working on for over a year) have gone.

Has anybody else had this problem, and do we think there is anyway to retrieve these items? I can’t bear the thought of starting again, this may be my time with the game if I’ve lost all of this progress. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

have you checked your computer files? if you need assistance on where to look let me know in a dm and I will guide you

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This sounds horrible :frowning: give a ping if @twocflyer and you dont solve it.

See, I had a bunch of old save games added or updated from Steam, but haven’t been there in some cases more than a year.

Unofrtunately I’ve never heard of a case like this and to me it sounds like a Steam issue, were you running the game with Steam cloud saves enabled? Perhaps some of those save games have been logged via Steam cloud if that is the case, regardless I would reach out to them and see if they can provide any assistance.

Unfortunately, nobody (including Steam, although I don’t really feel like they bothered to try to help) has been able to work out as to why the game reset itself out of the blue (upon signing into Steam) and wipe all downloaded mods/workshop items and - most importantly - all saved games, including a 4 terminal airport that took over a year to build. Absolutely gutted, and not sure I can bring myself to start building all over again. Thanks for those who tried to help, most certainly @twocflyer

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I’m pretty sure some one told you this already, but if not it’s a try worth. As you said you play on a mac, there was an issue with save files.

My save files are missing

It is possible that your save directory has been renamed as a result of a game update. Your save files should be located in the following folder:

macOS: /Users/YOUR COMPUTER USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Apoapsis Studios/Airport CEO/Saves/

If you cannot find your save files, they may have been moved to the following location where they should not be:

macOS: /Users/YOUR COMPUTER USER NAME/Library/Application Support/unity.Apoapsis Studios.Airport CEO/Saves

oh yes, try that location (2nd). Totally forgot about the Mac Migration quite a few months back. I/(we Mac usurers) had to manually move all my Mods I made and Saves to the new (1st) location above.

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