Game crashes at start


I have around 5 hours of play time and was close to finishing the introduction, when I decided to start a new map. When going to the main menu, the game crashed and I haven’t been able to start it since. Whenever I try to start the game through Steam, a little window with a yellow airplane and a big red exclamation mark in the corner pops up and disappears again after a second - that’s it.

I have tried to reboot my PC, reinstall the game, delete local saves and disable Steam Cloud saves, none of which have solved the problem.

I have also read in other threads that there’s an output.txt file somewhere, but I cannot find it anywhere in the game files or the AppData directory.

I’m grateful for any advice!


Hmmm, I’ve never experienced this… Maybe someone else has some ideas? @Olof

That box with the plane icon comes from the Unity engine.
I do get sometimes crashes too when I want to leave any savegame back to the main menu, but after that it is still possible to start the game again. :confused:

It’s also quite strange that it keeps happening even if I delete all files associated to the game and completely re-install it.

I had it to. Making the graphics lower worke for me. Maybe it will work for u

Have you tried all of the solutions outlined here?

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