Game crashes all the time


The game crashes within a few game hours of loading my save.
I started this game after the big updates came out on the experimental. When the crashing started I switched to the default branch, but it still crashes.
Not sure if it’s to do with my time on experimental?
Airport is still small so it’s not to do with size.

Do you get any form or error messages popping up? Like a dialog box or anything? Would like to take a look at the log files if you can find those.

No error. I can move the cursor, but the screen is frozen. Need to force close in task manager.

I started a new game and it happened again.
How would I get to log files roughly?
Am away for a week, but can try when I’m back. Many thanks

My game doesn’t crash all the time, but time and again. Very likely a matter of size, at my one.

Nevertheless, latest crash just happend while setting up a staff room.

I have sent outputlog and save file (few hours before) with ACEO-15977.

@EIX: supposing you’r on windows, outputlog can be found here:
\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO
If you can move courser (sandclock or aceo-pointer?) , it is likely, that game “comes back”, after a while. At some airports I faced that, too, and after waiting a while (sometimes several minutes), game went on, as normal.

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