From GA Airport to commercial 2 - SGL Airport

I started this small airport with things I learned from my previous attempt with MGL, which was successful and did make some real cash. However, I encountered some difficulties and now try to iron them out. I started with a regional GA airport in the Siegerland area, Germany. It sports all basic services and has 20 stands, AVGas100LL service but no further infrastructure but the most important to open an airport.
I have 1.250k left and my hourly expenses remain at 604$ so I should make a profit easily even with GA.

If those hourly costs are deducted every 3 hours, however, this might make sense.

sadly, the upkeep for the Fjord seems to be wrong. The program deducts 150$ instead of 50$. Bug reported. It seems, that the budget window is somewhat flawed.
It says, I have hourly vehicle upkeeps of 150$, but I only own a Fjord AVGAS truck which costs 50$ per hour. Same is true when switching to a Maverick AVGas100LL truck - this one costs 250$ per hour but is listed as 100$ per hour in the procurement description. Another bug report sent.

I am trying to start out small in terms of commercial flights to preserve money. They will have their own runway as I do not want GA to interfere with scheduled flights.
The airport is generating a slow and steady flow of income. For optimization I should enable night flights. I need them anyways.

A CFO should be worth his or her money as the 25% of the tax is removed so you keep more of your earnings. With this setting, I might do about 2k per hour so by paying about 80$ for the CFO about keeping 125$ from your 500$ in taxes are saved per hour or revenues. Do not underestimate this! That guy will be worth his/her weight in gold.

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After some hours I expanded to accommodate CA flights. I start with 8 small flight stands and a central waiting hall with toilets. I offer 2-Star services already so the CA flights are quite lucrative. I guess, I will go for quick baggage handling soon as I do not need complicated vehicles for it, just pull trucks. After that, I will expand eastwards to have medium flights. As a preparation, I will convert my taxiway and runway to concrete. I have to take extra caution not to overburden my service roads. In the MGL I had jams at the baggage handling hall as too many vehicles wanted to pass that particular crossing. I will try to keep ways short and separate from each other.

Current status of the airport:

A total of
20 GA stands
8 small CA stands

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Agreed. There are many fraudulent pricings in the game, also a runway, if I remember it right, costs more than indicated.
Also, they charge you again when building a structure (like floors, roads, taxiway) over existing structures of the same kind, even if they do nothing.
And last week, they told me I cannot have a jetway there but they charged me the full price anyway.

These contractors are all crooks!

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I managed to establish a working baggage system. Now I get most of my flights until other services are available. The main building looks nice but could do with some deco.

Next on my to-do-list is expanding and enabling medium flights.

Current status:
20 GA stands
10 3-star CA stands

Today I concentrated on finishing the small aircraft capability for the time being. The terminal has been expanded and another runway added in the east to divide arrivals and departures. GA is flying happily ever after but some hiccups in my baggage handling vehicles made my airline reputation plummeting down. Welp, will recover from this, I guess. Next is to buy the NE section and make a runway to accept medium flights. My building will be L-shaped with the medium area (gate 16 - XX) will have its own baggage processing. I will prepare this before taking contracts, I guess. Maaaaybe later I will add some remote stands.

Current situation:

20 GA stands
15 Small CA stands
2 Runways
1 Shop
1 Cafe
lots of broken toilets (are they crapping bricks???)

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Were is the next update? The airport is looking good!

Would need to start anew. Update killed my savegame. :frowning:

aw ok

oof, that sucks