Franchises not changing day (Beta 3)

Hi all, running on beta 3 stable, and loading a savegame from beta2 made the franchises stuck on the last day of the save from beta2

Has someone experimented the same bug?

  • Never close at 12pm
  • They incrementally have more and more sales
  • Never reset their sales counter
  • They behave as every day is the same day, over and over


For me they did not start up at all.

I’ve noticed issues with them reopening at 1am-2am due to to abnormalities with staff shifts then the staff immediately leave.

Think there is maybe some space for improvement or “refinement” around franchises. The rolling contracts work brilliantly but think the staffing is a bit hit and miss at moment. They sometimes close randomly midday then cause a angry mob of customers to whichever reopens first regardless of distance. Can get a bit tricky

Apart from the discussion on franchises, the issue OP mentions has been fixed on the experimental branch! :slight_smile:



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