FPS critically going down

Good afernoon, Dears!

In first id like to say youre made a grate timekiller game))

So the problem is - unexpected FPS drop after some of the building extension. There are just five medium stands in my Airport and a bit less than 1500 passengers there. But from when i made additional space (not so big) everything almost stuck and game is freeze .
PC config CPU I7, GF1060 with 6Gb video. I`m using regular Steam copy which distributing by default.

Thanks in advance!
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What game version are you on?
How much RAM do you have?
And what are the values for “numberOfThreadsPathFinding1”, “numberOfThreadsPathFinding2”, “numberOfThreadsPathFinding3”? (They can be found in the file ‘Gamesetting’ within the folder C:\Users[yourpcusername]\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO

That’s interesting!
What are the normal, recommended values here?
Does a (regular) user have a chance to change this setting?

increasing the value increases the number of paths calculated at the same time and increases the load on your cpu.
Lowering the value lowers the number of paths calculated simultaneously and decreases the load on your cpu.

12Gb RAM. Game version 33.8.0
“numberOfThreadsPathFinding1”: 16,
“numberOfThreadsPathFinding2”: 16,
“numberOfThreadsPathFinding3”: 16,

What are the max values that one can assign for i7-5500 processor with 8GB ram and Radeon R9 M375 4GB setup?

Currently, the values are 8 for me.

“numberOfThreadsPathFinding1”: 8,
“numberOfThreadsPathFinding2”: 8,
“numberOfThreadsPathFinding3”: 8,

It’s basically all in what he said.


I just took the looking glass and counted my memory: it’s 16 GB.
The values for the path-finding-threads were set to 8, so I increased them to 12.
Just because I can.
Maybe I find more paths now? Or get lesser fps? If I notice something, I’ll let you know.

What is setting these values? Is it done on installation?

I suppose in my case the problem was not in PathFinding parameters. Yesterday ive checked it again and found that freezing related to the huge numbers of notifications from the passangers wich couldnt find the way during construction of the new terminal (by mistake i placed there check-in desks and they tried to get boarding passes). For sure better to have avaliability to choose which zone as closed untill finishing of all construction activities.
Anyway yhanks for your help.

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The number of threads is set “automatically” from the number of cores your CPU has, but is limited to at least four. This is a bit experimental (i.e. the deduction of how many threads to set for a certain computer) still but generally the more threads you have the more concurrent calculations you’ll be able to run but also the more load you’ll have. If you run too many threads your FPS will drop as having threads that aren’t doing anything is just as expensive as having them do something.


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